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« My best investment for the future, the calibre and quality of my work »

– Master’s degree in Dental Prothesis –

After 12 years spent training in a renowned laboratory on the French Riviera, which allowed me to obtain the title of Master in dental prosthesis in 1997, I wanted to put my knowledge and my know-how serving my own clientele.

With the opening of Dental Art Technology in 2005, I wanted to continue to offer a high-end prosthesis and chose to orient my laboratory towards Zirconia ceramics, implantology, veneers and CAD / CAM. Passionate and curious, we immediately understood the interest of these new digital technologies and were in 2009 one of the first to invest in a scanner.

Our observation is as follows: the hourly cost of a dental office is very high. By taking advantage of a very high quality prosthesis, you reduce the time spent on each prosthesis pose (no fitting fittings therefore one less appointment for you and your patient, returns for extremely small changes …) . Eventually, you contribute to improve your profitability as well as your serenity and pleasure of exercise (no delay taken from the first appointment of the morning with the frame of a complete bridge which does not return and the waiting room which is filled …).

The introduction in our country of the “zero charge” for the patient implies more and more often the use of a standardized prosthesis resulting from foreign importation or industry. Why not give your patients the choice to access a beautiful personalized prosthesis?

My professional meetings brought me from 2007 to work remotely. It was a rewarding opportunity that led us to further perfect our techniques and work protocols as well as the communication between the dental office and the laboratory. Indeed, our philosophy has always been to take the time to best realize each case that is entrusted to us rather than having to return to it in a win-win relationship for the practitioner, his patient and the laboratory. This represents the essence of my activity today.

On a day-to-day basis, we strive to bring together all the conditions that allow us to take the utmost care in each of our achievements and thus to best meet the expectations of each patient, the requirements of each practitioner. Artisans at the service of their smile, we alliont our experience and our know-how to new technologies. It is for all these reasons that the laboratory is well equipped with reliable materials and materials and rigorous organization.

Always looking for knowledge, I regularly document the latest technical and technological advances. I do not hesitate to question myself and to perfect my knowledge with the biggest names in the world prosthesis. On the other hand, the various publications that I wrote in the specialized press gave me the opportunity to share these achievements.

I also wanted to put at the heart of this company, some professional and human values ​​to which I am very attached: Seriousness, rigor, quality, reliability and regularity but also respect, sense of listening and relational pleasure and sharing. These last notions are all the more important in an ever more difficult social and economic context. It is therefore important to give meaning to the exercise of our profession.

In conclusion, it is all this experience, this wealth that I want to share with your firm, convinced of being able to fully satisfy you by allowing you to exercise with confidence and eventually improve your profitability through personalized prostheses top of range.

Richard Demange.

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