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CAD / CAM International, Vol 7-Issue 3/2016: “Adaptation of traditional working methods to the creation of Cr / Co ceramic restoration with CAD-CAM technology”

This article describes the adaptation of tried and tested fixed prosthesis work protocols to new CAD/CAM techniques. Based on a complete upper and lower bridge case, we also address technical and economic interests by offering a sealed implant prosthesis with a Cr-Co coating achieved by laser microfusion or trans-screwed by machining.


Reminder of the protocols and fundamentals for the realisation of such a case.
Transposition of the latter in the digital tool.
Realisation of the case with illustrations.

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Dentoscope n ° 146, 27/05/2015: “Adapting its traditional working methods to the realization of CAD / CAM cr / Co ceramics”

This article details the adaptation of working protocols that have been proven in prosthesis fixed to new CAD / CAM technologies. Through a case of complete bridge up and

down, we will also discuss the technical and economic benefits of implant prosthesis sealed with a Cr / Co frame made by laser micromachining or transvissée performed by machining.

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Dental Technology No. 170, April 2014: “Dental Wings Calibration Kit for Articulators”

The purpose of this article is to present you with ease a new accessory very useful for the scanner Dental wings. This is the calibration kit developed by Simbiosi. It gives us the opportunity to calibrate the Dental Wings to articulators of various brands using a split-cast system. This makes it possible to find on the screen the same occlusion as on the articulator.

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Quintessence International n ° 4, December 2013: “Custom pillars and frames by selective microfusion”

The presented clinical case will make it possible to address two applications of CAD / CAM: the advantage of using customized pillars compared to standard pillars and the realization of co-Cr reinforcement by microfusion, passive and adjusted from protocols of work well established. In which case use standard pillars or custom pillars. Integration and use of temporary volumes in CAD / CAM reinforcement design. Realization of frames and cosmetics. Pictures of the starting case, the realization and the case in the mouth.

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Dental information n ° 223, vol 94-june 2012: “CAD / CAM in our daily life”

Written in collaboration with a team of dentists, this article tells you about our approach and our experience to make the most of CAD / CAM. Integration and use of temporary volumes in CAD / CAM reinforcement design. Aparicio technique applied to laser fusion.

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