Presentation of various cases of Zirconia ceramic crowns from the unit to the complete sectorized rehabilitation in units and bridges.

Case n°1

Full maxillary and mandibular rehabilitations.

Case n°2

Zircon crowns on 12 and 22.

Case n°3

Bi-maxillary rehabilitation.

Patient suffering from bruxism with severe loss of VOD, significant extrusion due to missing teeth for many years.

Case n°4

Crown in place 11.

Case n°5

Full maxillary rehabilitation.
Slide 1 : Case at start Slide 2 : dental clinic immdiate temporary Slide 3 : Porcelain crowns in mouth.

Case n°6

7 crowns bridge.

Case n°7

Laterals agenesis, orthodontic and dental splint bonding.

Case n°8

Zirconia bridge from 13 to 21.

Case n°9

Bi-maxillary rehabilitation with unitary zirconias for a young patient suffering from dental hypoplasia.

Slide 1 : final top and untreated bottom, Slide 2 and 3 : final top and provisional bottom.

Case n°10

Crowns in place 21 and 22

Case n°11

Full zirconia in place 46.


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