s c r o l l

a laboratory that gives itself the means of its requirements. Always in search of knowledge, I make sure to perfect my knowledge with the biggest internationals names in the dental prosthesis.

Zr micro-stratification stage with Jean Charles PICCARRETA, France.

Febuary 2023

Stage Zr aesthetics with Nondas VLACHOPOULOS, Greece.

January 2018

Zr esthetic and false gum stage with Stefan PICHA, Switzerland

Sept. 2018

Zr micro-stratification stage with Jungo ENDO, USA

June 2016

Stage surface course with Bertrand THIEVENT, Switzerland.

March 2017

Stage facettes avec Serge YEGAVIAN, France.

May 2014

E-Max internship with Gérald UBASSY, France.

April 2015


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